Monday, August 23, 2010


Director:William Rose
Writers:Arnold Drake (writer)
Herbert Lannard (idea)
William Rose (idea)
Genre: Comedy,Sci-Fi

Loser Charlie Wishnick, locked out of his trailer home by his awful wife, ends up in a time machine that's disguised as a taxicab. Transported to 50,000 B.C., Charlie meets cavemen and cavewomen, many of which are often nude. He falls in love and is almost eaten by a giant. Written by SP.

User Reviews:

It's really a pretty awful film. It's all about this guy (Charlie) who has a horrible wife, he travels back in time to 50,000 B.C. He gets there by stumbling drunkenly into a time machine disguised as a taxi. This movie is really unfunny, the cast isn't any good, and it's cheezy (in a really really bad way). Most of the nudes in the movie aren't even attractive, so it isn't exactly appealing as a nudie film either.


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