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Directors:Jesus Franco

Jean Rollin

Writers:Paul D'Ales (French dialogue)

Jesus Franco (screenplay)

Jesus Franco (story)

Release Date:26 October 1978 (Italy) 


Plot:A girl arrives from London to visit her estranged relatives in a remote castle for the reading of her father's will...

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Director:L.Q. Jones

Writers:Harlan Ellison (story)

L.Q. Jones (writer)

Release Date:November 1975 (USA) 

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Tagline:A rather kinky tale of survival

A post-apocalyptic tale based on a novella by Harlan Ellison. A boy communicates telepathically with his dog as they scavenge for food and sex, and they stumble into an underground society where the old society is preserved. The daughter of one of the leaders of the community seduces and lures him below, where the citizens have become unable to reproduce because of being underground so long. They use him for impregnation purposes, and then plan to be rid of him. Starring: Don Johnson, Susanne Benton, Jason Robards, Tim McIntire, Alvy Moore. Directed By: L.Q. Jones

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Movie: 491

Director:Vilgot Sjöman

Writers:Lars Görling (novel)

Lars Görling (writer) and

Vilgot Sjöman (writer)

Release Date:16 March 1964 (Sweden) 


Tagline:It is written that 490 times you can sin and be forgiven.


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Actors: Georgia Chris, Joe Davison, Raine Brown, Jack Amos

Directors: Marcus Koch

Format: Color, DVD, NTSC

Language: English

Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only. Read more about DVD formats.)
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1

Number of discs: 1

Rated: NR (Not Rated)

Studio: Anthem Pictures

DVD Release Date: December 9, 2008

Run Time: 92 minutes
After being accused of crimes he did not commit, a lonely circus performer exacts his revenge on those who unjustly condemned him. The act sparks something inside of him which he cannot stop and now, years later, his inner-demons have truly surfaced. Part urban legend, part tabloid sensationalism... he is now an unstoppable murderous juggernaut, fueled only by hate. Written by Anonymous



Actors: Shinobu Araki, Jun Fujimaki, Ryutaro Gomi, Jun Hamamura, Tatsuo Hananuno
Directors: Kimiyoshi Yasuda
Writers: Tetsuro Yoshida
Producers: Masaichi Nagata, Yamato Yatsuhiro
Format: Anamorphic, Widescreen, Color, NTSC, Subtitled
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English
Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only. Read more about DVD formats.)
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Number of discs: 1
Rated: Unrated
Studio: ADV Films
DVD Release Date: July 15, 2003
Run Time: 90 minutes


13 (TZAMETI) (2)

Director:Géla BabluaniChristopher Knopf (screenplay)

Release Date:6 January 2006 (UK)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Sebastian, a young man, has decided to follow instructions intended for someone else, without knowing where they will take him. Something else he does not know is that Gerard Dorez, a cop on a knife-edge, is tailing him. When he reaches his destination, Sebastian falls into a degenerate, clandestine world of mental chaos behind closed doors in which men gamble on the lives of others men. Written by Anonymous


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1,000 Convicts and a Woman (1971)

Director: Ray Austin
Writer: Oscar Brodney
Release Date: October 1971 (USA)
Genre: Drama

Tagline:WHITE MAN...BLACK MAN...every MAN! To TAKE to BREAK or PLAY WITH any way she wished!


Three on a Meathook (1972)

Director: William Girdler
Writer: William Girdler
Release Date: 30 April 1975 (France)
Genre: Horror
Tagline: A Padlocked Shed, Hooks of Cold Steel -- a Maniac on the loose

Four girls go on a romping weekend at a lake, and have car problems on the way home. A nice local boy takes them back to his farm, where he lives with his father. Something ghastly happens, but the father helps his son as he has in the past. When the boy meets a girl and begins falling in love, the father worries about a repeat performance. Written by Ed Sutton


3 Nuts in Search of a Bolt

Director: Tommy Noonan
Writers:Ian McGlashan (writer)
Tommy Noonan (writer)
Genre: Comedy

An out of work Method actor is hired by a male model, an ecdysiast, and a car salesman who live together to save money. They want the actor to listen to their problems and go see a psychiatrist so they can get counseling for cheap. The psychiatrist is intrigued by the split personalities indicated by the three separate sets of problems presented by the actor, and soon producers are climbing out of the woodwork trying to buy the rights to the film, while the actor is having trouble keeping his act together. Written by Ed Sutton 


3 AM (2003)

Director:Stewart Hopewell
Writer:Stewart Hopewell (writer)
Myron works the late-shift at a run down crematory. He is there all night. In the dead. Burning body after body, Myron has grown numb to death... and life. One lonely night, Myron takes in Lucia, a beautiful young woman who has passed away all too soon. As Myron prepares her body for cremation, something about her begins to get under his skin. He's drawn to her like a moth to a flame. Late in the night, he breaks down. Myron steals a kiss and more from the defenseless Lucia. Pained with regret, he quickly finishes his work and burns her body. That was that. It was just a slip. Nobody got hurt. Unfortunately for Myron, Lucia does not the dark. By himself. The rules of the living have been long forgotten and comfort is found amongst feel the same. Written by Stewart Hopewell



Director: John Carpenter
Writer (WGA): Michael De Luca
Release Date: 3 February 1995 (USA)
Genre: Fantasy, Horror,Thriller, Mystery


With the disappearance of hack horror writer Sutter Cane, all Hell is breaking loose...literally! Author Cane, it seems, has a knack for description that really brings his evil creepy-crawlies to life. Insurance investigator John Trent is sent to investigate Cane's mysterious vanishing act and ends up in the sleepy little East Coast town of Hobb's End. The fact that this town exists as a figment of Cane's twisted imagination is only the beginning of Trent's problems.... Written by Tad Dibbern

The efficient and skeptical freelance insurance investigator John Trent is hired by the publisher Jackson Harglow to find where the famous writer Sutter Cane might be. After writing a series of best-sellers in the horror genre, affecting the reason and causing disorientation, memory loss, and paranoia in readers, Sutter has simply vanished near the release of his new novel, "Horror in Hobb's End." There is mass hysteria of his anxious fans waiting for the new release, and John believes that his disappearance is a marketing strategy. John follows his instincts and travels with Cane's editor, Linda Styles, to New Hampshire, seeking for the apparently fictional town of Hobb's End. While driving along in the night, Linda reaches Hobb's End, and John discloses that Sutter Cane has unleashed a powerful evil force in the black church of the mysterious town, and his twisted imagination is changing the reality and perception of those who read his novels. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



Director: Warren P. Sonoda
Writer: Warren P. Sonoda (writer)
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Tagline: 5 girls vs. 2000 demons. You do the math.

In St. Marks catholic boarding school for girls, the religious student Elizabeth is attacked by evil forces and disappears from the classroom and the impotent Father Drake is incapable of saving her. The school is closed and five years later it is reopened. Five troubled unwanted girls - Alex, Mara, the blind Cecilia, Leah and Connie - are left by their family in the institution, severely directed by the headmistress Miss Pearce with hands of iron. Father Drake is their teacher and the girls are forbidden to go to the mysterious third floor. When Alex has visions of the possessed Elizabeth, weird things happen in the spot and the girls have to fight against a legion of two thousand demons. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Sechs Schwedinnen auf der Alm (1983)

Director: Paul Grau
Writer: Paul Grau (writer)
Genre: Comedy

This comedy has everyone's favorite 6 Swedish gals enjoying their stay in the alps. When the girls aren't enjoying the pleasure of their own company they're out having a good time with nearly everyone else in town.


Director: Federico Fellini
Writers: Federico Fellini (story) &
Ennio Flaiano (story) ...
Genre: Drama, Fantasy

Tagline: A picture that goes beyond what men think about - because no man ever thought about it in quite this way!

Guido is a film director, trying to relax after his last big hit. He can't get a moments peace, however, with the people who have worked with him in the past constantly looking for more work. He wrestles with his conscience, but is unable to come up with a new idea. While thinking, he starts to recall major happenings in his life, and all the women he has loved and left. An autobiographical film of Fellini, about the trials and tribulations of film making. Written by Colin Tinto.

Famed director Guido Anselmi is working on his latest movie - part science fiction, part commentary on Catholicism, but most importantly primarily autobiography. Despite Anselmi declaring that this movie should be an easy one to make, he is having problems with his artistic vision, specifically as he does not want to tell a lie on screen. From the stress, he has checked himself into a spa to help him with many of his problems, both professional and personal. As he works through these problems, he reminisces about his childhood and fantasizes about how he either sees things playing out or how he hopes they will play out. Surrounding him at the spa and/or on set are many of the real life people who will be portrayed on screen including: his wife Luisa who he loves but who he does not fully understand especially as it relates to their marriage; his mistress Carla, the antithesis of Luisa; and an actress named Claudia who he sees as providing his ultimate salvation. Written by Huggo

8½ is about Guido Anselmi, an Italian director who has lost all inspiration for his upcoming movie, and it's too late to back out. And aside from the fact that he can't make the film, his mistress, wife, producer, and all the rest of his friends, are pressuring him about one thing or another. So he retreats into his dreams to shelter himself from the pressure, and there, he finds inspiration to make his new film, and face the world. Written by David Flaherty


Ten Violent Women

Director: Ted V. Mikels
Writer: Ted V. Mikels (writer)
Release Date:March 1982 (USA)
Genre: Action, Drama

Eight women miners get fed up with their lifestyle and decide to try crime. After successfully pulling off a jewelry store robbery, they are busted by narcs when they try to buy cocaine. The eight get sent to a prison where a butch head guard uses the prisoners for her own deviant pleasures. Two of the women manage to escape and then get mixed up with a shah who had a scarab ring stolen in their jewelry heist. Director Ted Mikels appears as Leo the Fence, who is killed by one of the women who stabs him repeatedly with her spiked heel. Written by John Sacksteder



Director: David Bradley
Writers: Fred Gebhardt (story)
DeWitt Bodeen (screenplay)
Release Date: June 1960 (USA)
Genre: Sci-Fi

An international team embarks on an expedition to the moon in an uncommonly spacious rocketship. There they encounter a faceless alien intelligence who conclude that the human race is too immature and dangerous and must be destroyed. Written by Leo L. Schwab



Director: Stephen C. Apostolof
Writers: Stephen C. Apostolof (original screenplay) and
Edward D. Wood
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama
Tagline: Their Virgin Skin Violated in a Hell-Hole of Lost Souls!
Release Date: 1 September 1974 (Belgium)

Five inmates break out of a women's prison. Four of them are hardened convicts, but one is a girl who was convicted for a crime she didn't commit. As the authorities chase them down, the cons terrorize or kill anyone who gets in their way. Written by frankfob2@yahoo.com


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Director:William Rose
Writers:Arnold Drake (writer)
Herbert Lannard (idea)
William Rose (idea)
Genre: Comedy,Sci-Fi

Loser Charlie Wishnick, locked out of his trailer home by his awful wife, ends up in a time machine that's disguised as a taxicab. Transported to 50,000 B.C., Charlie meets cavemen and cavewomen, many of which are often nude. He falls in love and is almost eaten by a giant. Written by SP.

User Reviews:

It's really a pretty awful film. It's all about this guy (Charlie) who has a horrible wife, he travels back in time to 50,000 B.C. He gets there by stumbling drunkenly into a time machine disguised as a taxi. This movie is really unfunny, the cast isn't any good, and it's cheezy (in a really really bad way). Most of the nudes in the movie aren't even attractive, so it isn't exactly appealing as a nudie film either.



Directors: Jaume Balagueró
                  Paco Plaza
Writers: Jaume Balagueró (writer)
               Luis Berdejo (writer)
               Paco Plaza (writer)
Genre: Horror,Mystery,Thriller
Release Date: 23 November 2007 (Spain)
Tagline: One Witness. One Camera

"REC" turns on a young TV reporter and her cameraman who cover the night shift at the local fire station. Receiving a call from an old lady trapped in her house, they reach her building to hear horrifying screams -- which begin a long nightmare and a uniquely dramatic TV report. Written by Davi Silva
The film follows a Spanish late-night television reporter,Ángela Vidal, through the lens of her cameraman, Pablo. During one report of the happenings in a local fire station in Barcelona, the duo follow a team of firefighters who get a call from an apartment building nearby about a trapped woman. When they arrive, they find the apartment's residents huddled in the lobby. They go upstairs to find a woman who is obviously distressed. What follows is a night that none of them will ever forget. Written by Adam Roeger - New Berlin, Wisconsin
In Barcelona, the reporter Ángela Vidal and the cameraman Pablo are covering the night-shift of local fire station. When the firemen receive a distress call from a lady in a building, Ángela and Pablo go in the firefighter truck with the firemen Manu and Álex with Pablo recording each step. When they arrive in the building under siege of the police, they find the hysterical dwellers gathered in the lobby in the entrance and they hear screams upstairs. Manu and Álex go upstairs with two policemen and followed by Ángela and Pablo, and they find an aggressive old lady that attacks one policeman. When they return to the lobby, they find that they are sealed in the building and trapped with the residents in the beginning of a chaotic and nightmarish night. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



Director: Georg Tressler
Writer: Willy Fritsch (writer)
Release Date: October 1977 (USA)
Genre: Comedy,Sci-Fi
Tagline: Interplanetary Women Looking For What Only Earth Men Can Give...

2019: After the Fall of New York

Director: Sergio Martino
Writers: Ernesto Gastaldi (screenplay)
Ernesto Gastaldi (story)
Sergio Martino (screenplay
Release Date: December 1984 (USA)
Genre: Action,Horror,Sci-Fi
Tagline: In The Year 2019, The Future Depends on One Man

After a nuclear war, society breaks down into two groups, the evil Euraks and the rebel Federation. A mercenary named Parsifal is hired by the Federation to infiltrate New York City, which is controlled by the Euraks, to rescue the only fertile woman left on Earth.



Director: Douglas Trumbull
Writers: Deric Washburn (written by) &
Michael Cimino (written by) and
Steven Bochco (written by)
Release Date:10 March 1972 (USA)
Genre: Adventure,Drama,Sci-Fi
Tagline: Amazing companions on an incredible adventure... that journeys beyond imagination!
Awards:1 nomination

The loner crew member of a spaceship harbouring Earth's last nature reserves goes renegade when he is instructed to jettison his beloved forests and return home. Accompanied only by three robots, he ponders the fate of his last pocket of nature and the murders of his fellow crew members in this far-looking speculative film. Written by Keith Loh
Freeman Lowell looks after plants in giant space greenhouses. Back on earth, all the trees have long vanished, so Lowell puts a lot of heart into his work. When orders from earth are received to destroy the greenhouses, Lowell can't go through with it, and cannot persuade his three colleagues to help him save the plants, so he makes other "arrangements". Written by Rob Hartill


4D Man

Director: Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr.
Writers: Jack H. Harris (original idea by)
               Theodore Simonson (screenplay) and
               Cy Chermak (screenplay)
Release Date:7 October 1959 (USA)
Genre: Sci-Fi,Horror,Romance,Action,Thriller

Two brothers, scientists Scott and Tony Nelson, develop an amplifier which enables a person to enter a 4th dimensional state, allowing him to pass through any object. Scott experiments on himself and discovers that each time he passes through something he ages rapidly. He begins killing people, sucking out their life energies and regaining his youth as a result. It falls to Tony and Scott's girlfriend, Linda, to try to put a stop to his murderous rampage. Written by Doug Sederberg

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Five Fingers of Death

Director:Chang-hwa Jeong
Writer: Yang Chiang (screenplay)
Release Date:21 March 1973 (USA)
Genre: Action,Drama,Romance
Tagline: The New Movie Sensation That's Storming the Entire World!

This is my favourite kung fu movie. It has a very authentic flavour, seasoned by an eerie music score (of tradition chinese instruments, I think), and some wonderfully over-acted melodramatic moments contrasted by heavily affected comedy. Indeed, while attempting to create their own "Western" (i.e. Cowboy film) genre, the Chinese concocted a whole new animal, marked by kung fu fighting and its associated sound effects.
The story of Five Fingers of death is simple, a story of revenge (for killing a loved one) and the pursuit of the main character to master the "iron-fist-technique" that will enable him to wreak holy vengeance on his enemies. There is even a love interest, though the awkward, polite kind (found in most Chinese films of the period). The end result however is great and much more authentic than any Bruce Lee movie.


The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Director: Vincente Minnelli
Writers: Robert Ardrey (screenplay) and
               John Gay (screenplay) and
               Vicente Blasco Ibáñez (novel)
Release Date: 18 January 1962 (France)
Genre: Drama
Tagline: From Ibanez' immortal classic, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents an unforgettable motion picture

Karl from Germany and Marcelo from France emigrated to Argentina and became brothers-in-law. Whatever happens later they will always preserve a strong family feeling. Karl soon returned to Germany to serve in the army. Marcelo and his children Julio and Chichi became Argentinean citizens but later returned to Paris. Karl became a general with a son (Heinrich) in the SS. During WWII he got a high job within the occupation administration in France. Heinrich would come and go. Julio was a playboy. Chichi joined the resistance and was eventually tortured to death by Gestapo. Julio has a relation to a woman whose husband is a POW, and who will after release become a district leader within the resistance movement. Julio eventually feels that it is his duty to fight the Nazis. With a firm reputation as a superficial playboy, he can attend the nightclub favoured by German officers and gather much important information. Finally he and another partisan (posing as his chauffeur) accept a highly important suicidal task involving a courtesy call to Heinrich. Written by Max Scharnberg, Stockholm, Sweden


Four Flies on Grey Velvet

Director: Dario Argento
Writers: Dario Argento (screenplay)
Dario Argento (story)
Luigi Cozzi (story)
Release Date: 25 August 1972 (USA)
Genre: Horror,Mystery,Thriller
Tagline: When the flies start to crawl, so will your flesh...

Roberto, a drummer in a rock band, keeps receiving weird phone calls and being followed by a mysterious man. One night he manages to catch up with his persecutor and tries to get him to talk but in the ensuing struggle he accidentally stabs him. He runs away, but he understands his troubles have just begun when the following day he receives an envelope with photos of him killing the man. Someone is killing all his friends and trying to frame him for the murders... Written by Giancarlo Cairella


Eye of the Devil

Director: J. Lee Thompson
Writers: Robin Estridge (novel) and
               Dennis Murphy (writer)
Release Date: July 1966 (UK)
Tagline:we've got your number!

Vineyard owner marquis Philippe de Montfaucon is called back to his castle Bellenac because of another dry season. He asks his wife and children to remain in London, but they still come after him. His wife Catherine de Montfaucon soon discovers that her husband is acting mysteriously and that his employees are following old pagan rituals that call for the life of the marquis himself to save the crops. Written by Mattias Thuresson



Director: William Castle
Writer: Robb White (written by)
Release Date: July 1960 (USA)
Genre: Horror

Reclusive Dr. Zorba has died and left his eerie mansion to his penniless nephew Cyrus Zorba and his family. Along with the house, the Zorba family has also inherited the occultist's collection of 12 ghosts, who can only be seen through Zorba's special goggles. The family members, their lives at risk upon the discovery that Dr. Zorba's fortune lies hidden somewhere in the house, receive aid from unexpected quarters as the threat to their lives is revealed. Written by Doug Sederberg
Cyrus Zorba works at a local museum but is having trouble providing for his wife and two children. Their furniture has just been repossessed and they're not too sure what they're going to do when lawyer Ben Rush tells Buck his late uncle, a Doctor Zorba, has recently died and left him his house. The doctor, they are told, had perfected a way to collect ghosts. There are currently 12 living in the house, the doctor's diary had space for a 13th. Who will be the thirteenth ghost to join them? Written by garykmcd


Writers: Otis L. Guernsey Jr. (story)
Robert Dillon (writer)
Release Date: July 1963 (USA)
Genre: Adventure,Thriller

Thirteen girls in a Swiss boarding school, particularly one Candace Hull ("Kitten", "Candy"), stir up trouble on their vacation as they mess with the diplomatic affairs of their elders and get into serious trouble when a Russian spy is discovered murdered. Written by Robert B. DeSalvo Director: William Castle

Candace Hull, the 16-year-old daughter of American diplomat John Hull, in London, is a classmate and friend of many other daughters of diplomats from various countries, and gets invited to lots of social affairs. While visiting Mai-ling, niece of the Red Chinese ambassador she stumbles into a major political secret, involving a murder. Secretly,she passes this information to a CIA agent, Wally Sanders, on whom she has a crush. Candy gets into playing secret agent to the extent of even putting some teen-age seductive moves on the boy friend of her Soviet classmate, but this doesn't work out well because he is a secret agent.


Director: Adrián García Bogliano
Writers: Adrián García Bogliano (writer)
Ramiro García Bogliano (writer)
Genre: Horror
Tagline: "Walls have ears",
               "Don't close your eyes....watchmen never rest"


Director: Tim Sullivan
Writers: Chris Kobin (written by) and
Tim Sullivan (written by)
Release Date: July 2006 (Thailand)
Genre: Comedy,Horror
Tagline:You are what THEY eat!


Eight college students traveling to Florida for Spring Break stumble into a remote town in Georgia where they are set upon by the residents who are out to avenge their deaths by Union troops over 100 years earlier during the Civil War....



Director: David Slade
Writers (WGA): Steve Niles (screenplay) and
Stuart Beattie (screenplay) and
Brian Nelson (screenplay) ...
Release Date:19 October 2007 (USA)
Genre: Action,Crime,Drama,Horror,Mystery,Thriller
Tagline: They're Coming!


This is the story of an isolated Alaskan town that is plunged into darkness for a month each year when the sun sinks below the horizon. As the last rays of light fade, the town is attacked by a bloodthirsty gang of vampires bent on an uninterrupted orgy of destruction. Only the small town's husband-and-wife Sheriff team stand between the survivors and certain destruction. Written by Risin' Outlaw

In Barrow, Alaska, seventy percent of the population of five hundred and some dwellers travels on the day of the last sunset, since the town will stay along the next thirty days without sun light. Sheriff Eben Oleson and Deputy Billy Kitka find many cell phones burned on the road. Then they receive a phone call from the local creator telling that his dogs have been slaughtered; later Eben finds the operator of the cell tower decapitated. He arrests a troublemaker drifter and the stranger frightens him telling that "they are coming and the locals will be dead". Sooner Eben discovers that the town is under siege and attacked by a gang of bloodthirsty vampires, and together with a few survivors, they hide in a empty cellar expecting for the next sunrise.



Director: Stuart Paton
Writer: Jules Verne (novel)
Release Date: 24 December 1916 (USA)
Genre: Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi

Captain Nemo has built a fantastic submarine for his mission of revenge. He has traveled over 20,000 leagues in search of Charles Denver - a man who caused the death of Princess Daaker. Seeing what he had done, Denver took the daughter to his yacht and sailed away. He abandoned her and a sailor on a mysterious island and has come back after all these years to see if she is still alive and if the nightmares he has will stop. The daughter has been found by five survivors of a Union Army Balloon that crashed near the island. At sea, Professor Aronnax was aboard the ship 'Abraham Lincoln' when Nemo rammed it and threw the Professor, his daughter and two others into the water. Prisoners at first, they are now treated as guests to view the underwater world and to hunt under the waves. Nemo will also tells them about the Nautilus and the revenge that has driven him for all these years.


Director: Nathan Juran
Writers: Robert Creighton Williams (screenplay) &
Christopher Knopf (screenplay) &
Charlotte Knight (story)
Release Date: June 1957 (USA)
Genre: Fantasy,Horror,Sci-Fi
Tagline: Monster from outerspace runs wild!

The first spaceship to visit Venus crash lands in the sea, freeing a small native Venusian creature called the Ymir. Eventually growing to enormous size, it threatens the city of Rome. Written by Steve Hill

When the first manned flight to Venus returns to Earth, the rocket crash-lands in the Mediterranean near a small Italian fishing village. The locals manage to save one of the astronauts Colonel Calder, the mission commander. A young boy also recovers what turns out to be a specimen of an alien creature. Growing at a fantastic rate, it manages to escape and eventually threatens the city of Rome forcing the military to take drastic action.


Director: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Writers: Rowan Joffe (screenplay) &
Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (screenplay) &
Enrique López Lavigne (screenplay
Release Date: 11 May 2007 (USA)
Genre: Horror,Thriller
Tagline: It All Begins Again

other personal belongings. However, they find Alice surprisingly alive and the Army brings her to the base. After some blood test, the biologist Scarlet discovers that Alice is a carrier of the lethal virus and somehow has immunity to it. Meanwhile, Don sneaks through the facility to say how sorry he is to Alice, who forgives him. When he kisses her, he is immediately In the country nearby London, Don, his wife Alice and a few survivors live hidden in a farmhouse. When infected people break in the house, Dan panics and does not help his wife to escape, running away and leaving Alice trapped inside the room. Twenty eight weeks after the outbreak that annihilated the population of Great Britain, London is considered safe and the British survivors return under the coordination of the American Army, that keeps the city under permanent surveillance. The teenager Tammy and her younger brother Andy travel back from Spain to live with their father Don in London. They miss their mother and decide to escape to their old house to retrieve pictures and some contaminated, spreading a new epidemic. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

28 Weeks Later picks up six months after the Rage Virus has decimated the city of London. The US Army has resorted order and is repopulating the quarantined city, when a carrier of the Rage Virus enters London and unknowingly re-ignites the spread of the deadly infection and the nightmare begins... again. Written by Anonymous

The film starts six months after the Rage virus has spread throughout the city of London. The United States Army has restored order and is repopulating the quarantined city, when a carrier of the Rage virus enters London and unknowingly re-ignites the spread of the deadly infection, wreaking havoc on the entire population. Written by thegiantcookie

Seven months after the rage virus has annihilated Great Britiain, the US army declares that the war against infection has been won, and that the reconstruction of the country can begin. In the first wave of returning refugees, a family is reunited--but one of them unwillingly carries a terrible secret. The virus is not yet dead, and this time, it is more dangerous than ever Written by fear of sleep

99 WOMEN (Island of Despair)

Director:Jesus Franco
Writers: Anya Corvin (German dialogue)
Milo G. Cuccia (screenplay)
Milo G. Cuccia (story)
Release Date: 23 April 1969 (USA)
Genre: Action,Drama,Horror
Tagline: 99 WOMEN... behind bars -- without men!

User Reviews (Review this title)
Worth A Slack-Jawed Look, 8 June 2010
Author: ferbs54 from United States
Anyone at all familiar with the work of director Jess Franco knows that choosing a rental from his gigantic oeuvre of 190+ films (!) is a crapshoot at best. "99 Women," from 1969, is fairly typical Franco: cheaply made, often sleazy, and featuring an overdependence on the ol' zoom lens. This early WIP (women in prison) flick transpires at an unnamed island locale, although the press kit for the film states that it takes place off the coast of Panama. Here, the 99 female inmates of the title are sadistically looked after by a superintendent played by Mercedes McCambridge, in heavily accented monster mode; on the other side of the island, Herbert Lom (born Schluderpacheru...love that name!) wards over the 500 male prisoners, using Mercedes' girls as his own private brothel. The film boasts a very impressive cast, including Luciana Paluzzi, Rosalba Neri and Maria Rohm--three of the hottest Eurobabes of the time--as prisoners, and Maria Schell as a kindly prison investigator. Unfortunately, the great Paluzzi is shockingly underused in this film, her role limited to a mere seven words of dialogue and barely 10 minutes of screen time. Worse, a seemingly obligatory soft-core lesbian scene between Rosalba and Rohm is somehow made quite dull by Franco; don't know how he managed that with two such smoking beauties! On the plus side, "99 Women" features some fairly decent acting (especially by the old pros McCambridge and Lom), scenic outdoor locales (on one of this Blue Underground DVD's copious extras, Franco reveals that the film was largely shot at an ancient fortress in Alicante, Spain, on the Mediterranean coast), and a nicely downbeat ending. The movie, apparently, was quite a hit in its day, and with its many exploitative elements--nudity, lesbianism, prison escape, prison riot, whippings, drug and prostitution references--it is easy to see why. Today, the film strikes the viewer as entertaining shlock, but at least it IS entertaining, and certainly worth a slack-jawed look....

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